Quality Control

Galvanizing Service

Quality Controls

The quality of Galvanization is aligned with ASTM-A123 standard. The thickness of metal depends on many factors such as its structure. If you want any certificate, please inform us in advance. The documents will be finished within 3 working days.

Corrosion resistance

Normally, the corrosion rate of galvanizing Thailand is 1 micron depending on a local weather of work and products. For instance, the product located at a seashore will have a high corrosion rate.

(1 mils=1/1000 inch or approximately 25 micron)

Galvanizing Service

If you want galvanized service for crude steel and structural steel which assembled by your production, we recommend you to inform us about your conditions obviously in order to check the size of the workpiece, size of a galvanized pond, features of workpieces, and the difficulty of work. As we attempt to prevent defects and any damage caused by the size of customer’s workpieces which are larger than our pond and the utilization of special techniques in plating process such as round pipes and steel pipes.

The customer should discuss with us thoroughly regarding your requirements and conditions of the workpiece in order to prepare your piece before plating processes and to prevent additional charge afterwards. The thickness of galvanized steel depends on many factors such as the thickness of the steel and structure of steel.

The example of our works with galvanized method.

If you are interested in galvanized service, please don’t hesitate to ask for further information through the contact information as shown below.