What is White Rust?

When products are dipped by the Hot-Dipped Galvanizing process, Zinc coated on steel products will prevent rust (Fe2O2H2O) and corrosion. Zinc is formed as an oxide (O2) through the air which composes of carbon dioxide (CO2). Then, the oxide will be more stable in terms of Zn (CO2) 2 but it takes at least 48 hours for the formation.

Cautions of Galvanizing

In general, steelwork is about a design and welding job. Hot-dipped galvanized coatings can be classified by types of structure as following;
Large structural work consists mainly of pipe bending and large welding assembly
, No pipe on a workpiece and using other steel parts instead
, The use of pipes and steel products together.
, Cast iron
, Small work using screw and nut

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